The growing concern regarding plastic pollution, increasing number of endangered animals and raising sea levels evoke discussions about consumerism all around the globe. How can we help the earth? Some start with themselves by putting efforts on reducing their waste, purchasing package free items or ordering takes away coffee in their own ceramic cups.

companies respond as well by getting more involved in environmental causes via CSR campaigns. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is classified as socially responsible corporate behaviour towards people, the environment and the economy.

What are corporate social responsibility examples you can practise in your office?

1. Less printing, more digital

Offer electronic invoices to your clients, adapt e-signature, simply digitalise your business processes to a maximum. Where it is necessary to print, promote two side print to your employees, use recycled printer paper or at least make sure that all the paper is recycled when not needed. Let ‘s be honest, every little does very little, although it is a great starting point towards helping save the environment.

2. Smart procurement

Vote with your wallet and choose environmentally friendly options for every procurement you make. Some guidelines to look for are toxic-free substances, recycled materials over the virgin ones, products with fair trade classification.

Your procurement choices on simple things such as an environmentally friendly dishwasher or a decision to buy employee Christmas gifts in bulk and avoid excessive packaging does not only help the environment but may also inspire your employees bring the same habits to their households. And that may cause a ripple effect!

3. Reduce the office carbon footprint

Consider this: if 50 of your employees could work from home, at least once a week, how much less carbon emission would your city be polluted with that day? If 5 people left their car at home and cycled, walked, took the public transport or stayed at home would do the same good as one person giving up on driving a car entirely!

It also may help increase employee efficiency and help to attract talent from other locations.

4. Funding the non-profits

It can be one-time collaboration for a certain cause, or a long-term friendship that leads to making significant changes in your chosen sector. Cause marketing is a growing trend and can help improving company branding and customer loyalty.

Why brands should care about CSR?

Various consumer researches reveal the growing consumer concern regarding CSR. For example:
– Ebiquity Global CSR Study shows that 90% of buyers would choose the brand connected to a social cause if presented with products of equal value and price.

– 55% of customers worldwide would pay extra to a brand that addresses environmental causes.

– The Millennials and Generation Z are especially concerned with social issues, environmental threats, and making a difference with their buying decision. 70% of millennials want businesses to make it easier for consumers to do their part in addressing issues like the economy, environmental sustainability and health.

If you are not ready to financially support the not for-profits, you can do as little as use your corporate voice via your social media to create awareness to important issues.

5. Other small little things

Start with the small steps. It could be something simple as: make sure there is no old inefficient electronic devices that consume a lot of energy in the office, change your light bulbs into LED ones, encouraging your employees to not bring takeaway food in story foam containers but rather eat at the cafes where they ordered the food from recycling. 

You can start small but keep that CSR goal!

Need more ideas on how to implement CSR strategies at your office? Get in touch now!