Hi and welcome to Care4Endangered. Here we believe that protecting the environment is our duty.

We help brands to contribute to a positive environmental impact.

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I have no inspiring story behind my journey, which made me become an environmentally cautious citizen. There was no special event, no inspiring movie or story which made me constantly think that I need to act to improve this world. I have always been a person who recycles, stores one side prints for the note-taking and chooses walking instead of driving for short distances.

My lifestyle includes involvement in environmental, animal rights and social change activism. I observed, during my experience with animal rights NGO, how much more they could achieve if given more funds. Professionally, I have been involved in e-commerce and B2B marketing, where I developed strong skills in content creation, inbound marketing, and strategic thinking.

Care4Endangered was born when I decided to merge my skills with my goals to help change the world for the better.

Let’s make positive changes together.

Agneta, Founder of Care4Endangered